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As a local business person and real estate developer in Downtown Napa, profitability and pride of ownership are the cornerstones of each new project. That being said, selecting the right people and companies to perform the work at hand is paramount and can be challenging. Consequently, the "team members" selected must have the highest integrity, charge fair prices, do quality work, and most importantly, be dependable. Over the years I am pleased to say that Duckworth Backhoe, Inc. has been a consistent performer and always managed to exceed my standards and expectations. Owner John McDonald is simply the best and I always look forward to our next opportunity to work together. 

Jeff Doran, Allen and Benedict, Inc.

Duckworth has been working in the park that I live in, Petaluma Estates. They are redoing quite a few of the driveways within the park, one of them being my neighbors across the street.  I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been in the workers and the work they are doing.  I was so

impressed not only with the finished product but the way in which the crew all worked together.  Everyone had a job and if they saw something that needed to be done, it was done.  They are a great group of people and hard working.


Sandra Herrmann, Homeowner

Thank you for all of your hard work in getting my clients in their home by installing the new septic system.  You went above and beyond what you needed to do and I thank you for that!


Carol Rouche, Coldwell Banker.

We have enjoyed doing business with Duckworth Backhoe Inc. for 15 years. We have done business with other companies in the area but Duckworth Backhoe Inc stands out for its experience and the quality of work it provides. Competitive pricing backed up with exceptional work is a hard to find combination.   It is refreshing to work with well trained employees and a professional management team. Recently they did a keystone retaining wall system that turned out beautifully. The owner was very pleased with the results. Thank you for your excellent work. We are pleased to recommend Duckworth Backhoe Inc. to everyone who may need their services.

Dale James, Dale James Construction, Inc.

It has been my good fortune to have utilized the services of Duckworth Backhoe Inc, for the last eighteen years. We have worked together on at least thirty projects and I would not think of using another engineering contractor. I am always impresses with the attention to detail, fairness, and professional workmanship in every path of their work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants a quality project.

Timothy Murphy, President, TPM Construction Inc.

The integrity and standards of workmanship demonstrated by Duckworth Construction and Engineering were unsurpassed on the construction project we contracted to you. In addition, your ability to stay within budget was fantastic. Also, and most important to all projects, you consistently and significantly beat all contracted timeline schedules. Wow! John, please know I was pleased and impresses to see a total absence of the issues that one normally deals with during construction projects, You treat everyone with great respect and in turn I witnesses equal and even more respect being returned ten-fold, right back at you! I mean to include all your employees, sub contractors, city permitting personnel, and of course me, your valued customer, in my mind, your project management style is very, very effective and would be of benefit to anyone considering a construction or engineering contractor. May your firm continue its great track record!

John Mitchell, Facility and Customer Relationship Manager

Our firm has worked successfully with John McDonald and his company, Duckworth Backhoe, for many years, We subcontract our backhoe services exclusively with Duckworth for large, complicated projects, as wells as small jobs, They are always timely, efficient, and provide excellent service, Our contractors have been equally satisfied with Duckworth's performance.

Erin Re', President, JK Plumbing, Inc.

Steve Hamilton, with Duckworth Construction in Napa, just completed a bathroom remodel for us and we are delighted with the results.  The crew was so talented, respectful of our space and did a marvelous job of repairing the sub floor, installing a new tile shower, new toilet and vanity and sink.  I highly recommend Steve and his crew!


Becca P.

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